Your vital support of Bad Habit Productions will be used to:

  • Create dynamic, high-quality main-stage productions that are accessible and affordable to Greater Boston audiences
  • Engage new and younger audience members with family programming
  • Foster local talent and mentor young professional artists

Bad Habit Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit theatre dedicated to creating dynamic, innovative productions.

By Mail

Checks can be made payable to BAD HABIT PRODUCTIONS, INC. and sent to:

Bad Habit Productions, Inc.
39 Dorchester St. Apt #3
South Boston, MA 02127

2014-2015 & 2015-2016 Supporters

Bad Habit Productions proudly recognizes the individuals and organizations who have given in support of the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 season.

Gifts of $1000+

Jacob and Daniel Morris
Andrea and Arthur Waldstein
Lauren K. Terry
Boston Cultural Council
Hidden Spring Foundation

Gifts of $500-$999

Arthur Barlas
Lisa Burdick
Bridget Frey
Chuck Schwager and Jan Durgin
Meg and Matt O’Brien

Gifts of $200-$499

Hailey Fuqua
Ashley and Michael Levesque
Marlene Mandel
Matthew Murphy
Great Hill Partners LLC
Michael Miller

Gifts of $100-$199

Suzanne Bartels
Karen Beerer
Mamie Burdick
Brian Cummins
Amy Donovan
Susan and Tim Fenstermaker
Glenda Fishman
John M. McKenna
Mary O’Donnell
Sheryl Peters
Harvey and Anita Reibel
Jim Torres
Ksenia Lanin
Jay and Jenny Leopold

Gifts of $50-$99

Joanne Baggerly
Charles Baldwin
John Piper and Heather Bodman
Sherry Cohen
Nancy Dunham
Liz Eng
Robert Fernandez
John Gates
Donna Glick
Nicholas Howe
Nora Hussey
Lynn Jackson
Kim Ketchen
Valerie LaCount
Joie LeMaitre
Michelle Pessina
Jennifer Reagan
Alycia Sacco
Harvey Simon
Robert Simone
Bob Stachel
Tessa Lucey
Stephen Dix

Gifts of $0-$49

John Ahmad
Christine Black
David Brenner
Emily Brown
Shelley Brown
Sally Bull
Hal Burdick
Shonna and Kevin Cirone
Patrick Cleary
Nicole Clouse
Celia Couture
Abbe Dalton
Katie Daniel
Tricia Flynn
Ricky Freidlin
Nick Giarratani
Susan Goganian
John Grenier-Ferris
Michael Griffin
Julie Hennrikus
Doug Herndon
Margaret Hodes
Branden Kornell
Mai Libman
Leslie Mahn
Kim Mathieu
Joy Mazur
Anne McDonnell
Kate Miller
Andy and Pam Morris
Samantha Musher
Vanita Neelakanta
Ann Noble
Robert Pascucci
Cathie Regan
Matthew Romero
Donna Rubin
Vered and Denis Rubin
Diane Statkus
Kathy Thompson
Andrew Will
Nancy Willis
George Sauer Jr.

Donations as of February 27, 2015. Gifts are reflective of the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons.