The Real Inspector Hound

March 18 to April 2
Calderwood Pavilion at the BCA


Michael Underhill
Mara Elissa Palma
Brandon Milardo
Damon Singletary
Bob Mussett
Catherine Christie
Jade Guerra
Robin Smith


Written by Tom Stoppard
Directed by Dawn M. Simmons






"The Real Inspector Hound is an exceedingly clever lampoon, sharply in focus..." - The New York Times

Feuding theatre critics Moon and Birdboot, the first a fusty philanderer and the second a pompous and vindictive second stringer, are swept into the whodunit they are reviewing. A hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie-like melodrama follows, complete with a mysterious body under the sofa. As mists rise about isolated Muldoon Manor, Moon and Birdfoot become dangerously implicated in the lethal activities of an escaped madman.